MINIWELL  Adheres to the creative spirit

To devote for perfect integration of technology and modern art 

We insist close to the customer demand for each product design

With our persistent innovation and core competitiveness

For providing the first-class customer experience


Specialized in water purification manufacture over 20 years

Miniwell as our international brand for overseas

Export more than 60 countries, gaining great reputation

In order to keep with the development of the trend ……

In 2011, we explored its business on the E-commerce platform

In 2014, our water ionizer became the leading brand 

In 2016, our new shower filter is launching to the market


We commit to create the water treatment equipment for ordinary families

Provide the cost-effective water purification, instead of the luxury to rich people

More safety and more reliable

From the date of birth, we pursue it as its mission

Strive to produce the products at a lower price but keeping stable quality!

Name:Guangzhou Lanquan Household Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Address:Building 1, No. 6, Jinkengguangxinghongmian Road, Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)