comparison of 2017 TOP 8 best shower filter - Aquasana, Culligan and miniwell


More and more families pay attention to their safety and heathy of the water supply, when useing a good shower filter, they will work to drastically reduce this chlorine and other hard metals and minerals before they ever come out of the shower head. An effective filtration system can ensure that skin care routine is living up to its fullest potential and allowing to look the absolute best.


Before selecting the shower filter for bathroom, a few things should be known. Here below list a few of the popular shower filters for reference. Brands include Aquasana, Pelican Water, Miniwell, Culligan, AquaBliss, WaterChef and Zenfresh.


Shower Filter Comparison Chart


l How to select a good shower filter?

Most of filtration process media are manufactured with KDF or activated carbon. But a new material ACF (Activated Carbon Fiber) is now coming to be used in the shower filtration ( such as Miniwell L720-H, L730) . It is a fibrous, full of microporous fiber, its adsorption ability of organic gas in the air is several times than granular activated carbon, 5-6 times in aqueous solution, and 100 ~ 1000 times for quick absorption rates. Only a few countries in the world capable of producing.

Whatever materals they used, the key point is the removal rate of chlorine, in fact it is the MOST important figure which NSF/ANSI-177 to inspect the shower filter systems. NSF requests the eligible removal rate should be up to 50%.


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Special functions of the above shower filters

- Peligan Water: there is a scent bar installing on the filter, which can last 60 days, create a spa-like experience with each shower.

- Miniwell: A small replacement indicator system on the filter body, it can remind the customers when to replace the filter automatically. It is more considerate and convenient than other products.

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l Can these shower filters be used in other place except for bathroom showering?

Most of shower filters can not be installed in other place, such as under the sink, because of their replacable design, the large static water pressure would make them broken easily from their connection. However, miniwell L730 is a special case. They use the intergral forming treatment to seal the cartridge inside the casting, so it can afford the great water pressure and install under the sink. But when its lifetime is ending, it have to replace the whole unit.


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