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Miniwell Water Filter Straw Collection

Miniwell Water filter L630 series

Porket sized water filter. Small, but Mighty. 2000Litres drinkable water in your backpack on the go.

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Miniwell Water filter L605 series

Versatile Design. Threads on filter both sides. Coming with Accessories make it easy to set up a DIY filtration system.

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Miniwell Water filter L600

Hot items selling on different e-commerce for 10years. Miniwell is there for outdoor enthusiasts and your bug out bag over the years.

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Miniwell Pump water filter collection

Miniwell Water filter L610

0.01micron water filter. It’s the ultimate drinking & travel companion

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Electric water filter. The automatic filtration process release your hand to get clean water.

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Miniwell water filter bottle

Miniwell Water filter bottle L620

Improves the taste of filtered water and reduces heavy metal. No matter where you stay in the city of any country, you can treat the questionable tap water by yourself.

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