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Miniwell L720-Plus Shower Water Filter

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  • ★ 5 TIMES ABSORPTION RATE - This system is one of the few shower water purifiers that does not contain calcium sulfite (The source of allergies for some people). Meanwhile, our internal filter composes of the composite activated carbon fiber, and the absorption rate of carbon fiber is 5 times of the traditional carbon, which enables the filter to remove 99% of chlorine (for maximum purity even in cold water), keeping your skin away from harmful substances.
  • ★ SUPER DOUBLE FILTERS DESIGN - Small water pressure or the filter clogging is usually caused by macromolecular impurities (such as sediment, rust, etc.). Replacing the whole unit is so costly, but the inferior shower filters do not work at all. MINIWELL super double-filters solution changed this dilemma. No need to frequently replace the internal filter(Composite filter), just replace the PP cotton filter individually according to the actual situation.
  • ★ PERFECT PERFORMANCE - Compared with the other brands' simple mixture of the raw materials, Miniwell adopts CND technology to make the raw materials high-densification treatment, which greatly enhances the filtration performance of the filter, high effectively remove 99% chlorine,thms, sediments, impurities and other harmful substance, but it can retain the helpful minerals and will not reduce TDS values.
  • ★ 100% QUALITY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, so if you are not satisfied with the product or this filter cause to the low water pressure in a short term, please contact us anytime 


Customer Reviews

Based on 150 reviews
The Best Shower Filter

I've had a few different filters over the years. This one as been better than any of the others. I think its the replacement cotton filter that helps them last in my shower for about 8 months or more with one cotton filter replacement in that time. I've has this filter for around 2 or 2 and half years . The only problem is the O-ring is failing and I haven't been able to find a replacement. I don't see an option on miniwell to buy a replacement.

These filters work.

I am so pleased with the performance of my Miniwell filter. It is easy to install, and changing out the filter is very easy as well.I have just purchased a pack of four cotton core refills. I did not purchase filter refills until I was sure this was the filter I wanted to go with. I was so pleased with the performance of the two cotton Kors that came with the original filter, I went ahead and bought more.As you can see from the pictures, the cotton does an excellent job of catching heavy metals in the water. I like that you can see how dirty the filter is getting so you know when to change it.For reference, I used the dirty filter in the picture for about four months. That is pretty dang good considering how hard the water in my area is.I have tried many filters for my shower and this is the one that works. I absolutely hate bathing in hard water but this makes things so much better. I would absolutely recommend this to anybody.

Mike Bottomley

I have had this filter for almost 6 months. The water flow has not slowed at all. I finally replaced the outer filter as it was very dirty. There are 4 people using the shower daily, so it is getting a lot of use. Once it is installed it is so easy to replace the outer filter. It takes about 1 minute. It is even easy to replace the main inner filter. I think I have at least another 3 months with this, so will replace main filter in a total of 9 months.All in all I am very happy with the filter. I have heard others report that it clogs after just a few weeks, but I find this hard to believe, as my water has not even slowed down at all in almost 6 months. I would recommend this filter.As a note if you have cloramines in your water (which I do) best way to handle this is with a vitamin C shower head. This handles it 100%. The L720-plus filter only takes out Chlorine and other contaminates.

Muhammad C.
Issue Rectified by service team (Great filter if not for leaks that are getting worst)

Bought the replacement filter for both the inner cartridge and Z replacement. I have replaced the Z filters a couple of times with no issue. Just replaced the inner cartridge for the 1st time and it started leaking at the top through the seams where it locks the housing for filter to the top part connected to the shower head. I have removed and checked it, adjusted it and compared it to the previous inner cartridge. Everything is the same and fixed properly. Something is not working as it supposed to and the leaks are getting worst by the day and there is no way of contacting this seller.Edit: The Miniwell service team reached out to try to help rectify the problem. In the end a replacement filter was sent to me and everything works perfectly well as its supposed to. I have used many types of shower filters, I have about 4 other types and this is by far the best one in terms of quality, easy to replace and checking to see if filter needs to be replaced because of the translucent portion of the housing. Definitely recommend this.

Kelley B.
Works better than the other smaller "15 stage" filters

I had been using the other most common shower filter on miniwell (the one that you see the most of) but I never really felt like it did much, but just kept using it anyways. Until I decided to open one up to see the "15 stages" of filtration. When I opened it, it was just a bunch of different minerals/materials all mixed together, not layers of filtration like the pictures made it seem like, and the product info would even list layers of filtration that did not exist. I felt scammed. I looked around and landed on this filter, and its legitimate! The core is a dense porous stone-like material which forces water through microscopic holes, and the outer layer is a tightly woven cotton filter which catches bulkier contaminates increasing the life of the inner filter. This is true filtration. This products pictures even shows what the competitors look like on the inside. Don't be conned any longer. This is what you've been looking for. My only complaint, is the water out connection piece is really short, and my shower heads water flow valve couldn't screw on because the lever would hit the filter. I got a short inch or two long extension and problem solved. And because the filter easily detaches from the filter housing, I don't ever have to worry about unscrewing it. This minor con was far outweighed by the pros.

Q & A

Q: Does it works as softener and avoid scale to build in hard water from well?

A: This shower filter can not reduce the TDS in the water, so we do not recoomend to use it as the water softener, but because of its high filter accuracy (up to 10 microns), it can remove most of impurities in the water, including the limescale.

Q: Will this item filter out Chloramine as well as chlorine?

A: This filter can not remove the Chloramine.

Q: How long to replace the filters?

A: It depends on the tap water quality, if the water quality is poor or contains many transparent colloidal impurities, the blockage is easily occurred because of it¡¯s high filter accuracy (Even less than 1-2 weeks). Usually both of these two filters can last about 6 months, but please replace the pp cotton filter when the filter gets clogged or the water flow becomes smaller (Less than 6 months).

Q: How can I do if my tap water is poor and get clogged frequently?

A: Do not worry, we can provide the special customized filter to our customers FOR FREE if need. Please leave your message to us. Thanks.

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