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Miniwell Filtered Shower Head L750

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  • UNIQUE FILTRATION MEDIA - The internal filter composes of the composite activated carbon fiber, the absorption rate of carbon fiber is 5times of the traditional carbon, which enables the filter to remove 99% of chlorine. The harmful chemicals are absorbed onto the medium's surface, thus being effectively removed from the water supply.
  • HIGH WATER PRESSURE BY 200% & SAVES UP TO 30% WATER – Using LUV current-limiting technology, this filtered shower head has 118 tiny laser-cut cone-shaped water holes, which forces water through the holes on the head surface, resulting in luxurious high-pressure water while still looking after the environment by saving water.
  • GOOD PERFORMANCE - Compared with the other brands' simple mixture of the raw materials, Miniwell adopts CND technology to make the raw materials high-densification treatment, which greatly enhances the filtration performance of the filter, high effectively remove 99% chlorine,thms, impurities, and other harmful substance.
  • DOUBLE-DIRECTION INSTALLATION OF FILTER CARTRIDGE - The unique recycle design enables to install the filter cartridge from two different directions (Positive and negative), when the clogging situation occurs or the water pressure becomes smaller, the existing cartridge can be installed upside down, so it can restore its function and extends the lifetime. This showerhead can not adjust the water pressure.


Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Perfect is all I can say!

If you have low water pressure this is the fix to your problem. If you have decent water pressure you will want to put the extra piece in the shower head to make the water less forceful. I love it!! If I want a quick shower take the piece out for higher pressure and if I want the perfect shower, put the piece back in it (a circular rubber valve that sits in the top of shower head) and my water has no smell to it now!

I tested the water chemistry. Chlorine: 0

I'm an environmental engineer specialized on water treatment systems and water chemistry. I tested the water for free residual chlorine. Result: <0.01 mg/l, which means that the chlorine in the water is so low that is undetectable by the certified testing device. I used Palintest Pooltest 6 colorimeter. This shower head filter does it's job. Nice and simple design, easy to install, easy to clean. I'm very sensitive to chlorine, I get skin rushes very easily and chlorine also damages my hair. Without water filtration I suffered a lot. This shower head is easy to install therefore can be carried if someone travels a lot like me who works on cruise ships where the water is chlorinated due to public health requirements. This shower head doesn't require any tools to install, but the other shower filters the "UFO" types (I just call them this way due to their shapes) need tools that people normally don't carry in their travel bags. They are very good ones, but a bit more complicated to install I have tested earlier the efficiency of another shower head filter that had ceramic balls as filters and promised some C vitamin treatment (???). I could detect chlorine in the water, but not with this shower head filter that use carbon filtration.

miniwell Customer
Great fix for low water pressure

After much research, I bought this because the shower head filter as I had recently moved and was suffering from extremely dry hair and skin and also my water pressure was very low! Previously was unable to use my shower head due to the fact I would have to stand directly underneath it to catch the dribble of water, BUT, with this shower head the pressure has been AMAZING and my hair and skin is back to feeling super smooth! I have been using this shower head for just over 9 months and the pressure has been consistent throughout. I am going to purchase my second filter because I now cannot go back to the way me shower previously was!!I would highly recommend this.


The filtration really works and I could tell from day one that my skin and hair were not as dry from chlorine and hard water. And the shower head is poerful, it's wonderful water pressure now. It's easy to by replacement filters as well, which is important with this kind of product. So all in all, an excellent purchase! Very happy with it.

Patty D
Great pressure and great filter

Initially I only rated this a 2 saying the water pressure was poor. However, although I did run it after I installed until the water ran clear, apparently I didn't run it long enough. Today I bathed the dog and was stunned at how great the water pressure was. I just took a shower and for the first time in over 2 years I feel like my hair actually got fully rinsed. I live in an apartment with very poor water pressure in the shower. So, I would definitely recommend this. The filter is also very good because I smell absolutely NO chlorine, water didn't burn my eyes and no itching after the shower.

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