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Survival Water Filter Straw L605B | miniwell

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Miniwell Portable Water Filter L605 with 2 Collapsible Bottles.

Set up a gravity filtration system with zero effort.


Miniwell portable water filter turns natural freshwater into drinkable water instantly.

Its versatile design is ideal for group and family hiking, camping, trekking or emergency preparedness and survival to satisfy water demand.

Filter Technical Specification

Multiple Usages Water Purifier for You on the Go

NO 1:
Attach to 28mm thread disposable bottle( Pop bottle or soda bottle are available)
28mm thread bottle can be screwed on filter both sides. The thread on water inlet is for normal filtration connection. The thread on water outlet is for backflushing connection.

NO 2:
Use the filter as a straw
Drink directly from water resource. Or Use A handy container or a cup to collect water for filtration.

NO 3:
Attach to hydration pack
Most hydration pack's hose in the market can be connected to our filter. With thread on both sides, hydration pack, water filter and clean water bag can be connected inline.

3stages Replaceable Filters

You can change filter cartridges instead of discarding the whole filter away.

Ensure each stage of filter stays at reasonable consumption for different raw water.

For example, unpleasant taste raw water consumes more carbon adsorption space. Cloudy raw water consumes more PP screen. Reasonable consumption based on the real situation you meet.

First Stage : PP Screen

The purpose of PP screen is to remove visible particles and colloidal suspension.
If the raw water is not cloudy and you would like to improve the flow rate, PP screen can be taken away from the water filter.
There are 5pcs of PP screens as a standby.

Second Stage: 0.1micron Ultrafiltration Mambrane Filter

miniwell L605 uses 0.1 micron ultrafiltration membranes as filter media.
Ultra-low pressure membranes ensure fast flow rate.

Third Stage: Carbon Fiber Filter

Miniwell Carbon Filter can reduce heave metal, such as Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium. 90% removal rate of chlorine can last 500L for municipal tap water.
Miniwell carbon filter effective time is longest in such small volume. Water tastes great after filtering.

SGS Testing Report

Back Flushing with Ease

This water filter comes with two collapsible bottles. Two bottles can be screwed on filter both sides. When the flow rate slows, Invert, and squeeze bottle to start clean flow into filter and backflush.

Nice Companion for Outdoor

Don't have to worry about rationing water or losing energy because of dehydration. Make Travel, Camp or Emergency situation even easier

Hang a simple gravity filtration system on your backpack.


1: Miniwell Portable Water Filter 2. PP screen(5pcs). 3. 1L Collapsible Bottles(2pcs). 4. Carabiner(1pcs)


Q: How often do I need to backwash the system?

A: It depends on the quality of the water source. When you feel the flow rate slows down, backwash can improve the flow rate. (Note: To extend filter life, always use the best freshwater source you can access. If raw water is cloudy, wait for the sediment to settle out until water appears clear and then filter the water above the sediment.)

If the flow rate is still slow after backflushing and you need clean water urgently, please remove the PP screen and carbon filter. Using a UF filter only in the L605 filter can speed up the flow rate. Although water taste can't be improved without carbon filter, the UF filter ensures essential safety.

Q: Can I use water filtered from the system itself to backwash the filter?

A: Yes. Filtered water from the filter can be used to backwash. Collects filtered water by a clean disposable bottle. Squeezes clean water into the filter from the water outlet

Q: How do I know its time to replace the filter?

A: Firstly, the water flow rate is still slow after backflushing, you can replace the PP screen.

Secondly, you feel the unpleasant odor can't be removed by carbon filter, you can replace carbon filter

Finally, if you backflush the filter a couple of times and water flow rate still very slow, it's time to replace UF filter.

Q: Does it filter salt water?

A: No. Miniwell L605 filtration pore size on the membrane is 0.1 micron. Dissolved salt passes through 0.1micron membrane. In other words, Miniwell L630 keeps mineral from nature fresh water sources in filtered water. Miniwell filters can't be used for salt water.

Q: I would like to dropship or be miniwell water filter distributor, how should I do?
A: Please contact us by customer service. We would like to cooperate with partner from different countries.

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